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In this production I was responsible for the script, the storyboard and directing. In tandem with Elvisa I made the script with these difficult dialogues which were typical for the time our movie takes place. On set I was the director and consequently responsible for everything concerning the movie. That was sometimes very stressful but I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.


My part in the Croak production team is design: Elvisa and I are designing the filmposter and the dvd-cover together. On set I made sure that audio optimal was and that all recorder takes were pure and adequat. Further my task on set was the lighting, together with Julia, Linda en Elvisa. Now I am getting started with the audio postproduction, together with the musicproducer. I don't have to deal only with the audio in the postproduction: I am also assistent of Lars for videoediting.


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The Croak production is an enormous project and a lot of tasks had to be fulfilled. What is my part in the Croak? Well, written word is my domain, so whenever something has to be written, I play along. I manage the logbook, together with Verena wrote I the script and the dialogues, and yes we are responsible for those marvelous gangster dialogues. On the set I did a little bit of everything, but mostly audio and light. And last but not the least, I am responsible for DVD-cover design and I have assembled a slideshow over the making of Croak. I am continously busy with artistic and technical aspects of Croak, futhermore I have learned that a real teamwork brings out the best in me.

Elvisa Dedic Kurtagic ANIMATION & 2nd CAMERA -

My part in Croak was mainly a bit of everything, because I did some of the lighting, sound and I helped Lars with a second camera. I really enjoyed doing that, even if it was hard sometimes. We made long hours, but I think the result will be great. My biggest part will probably be the animation, but people can only see that in the end of the production. So I still have got some work to do.


I am the team- and production-manager. I am responsible for everybody and everything, so every aspect of management that has to be done is my task. Organization skills for this project are of great importance, because everything has to be done by the schedule that I made. I have done a lot of (risc-)analysis and on the set I was a person for everything (also light and audio).


My tasks are mainly the technical ones: Because of my experiences with other multimedia-productions for years, I really enjoy working with cameras and the creative editing and designing the DVD-content subsequently. You might call me a workaholic, but I like seeking for solutions and people who are as enthusiastic, engaged and motivated as myself.

Gesa Dreckmann Killer (female)

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Eric Sternbeger Killer (male)

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Fokke Baarssen Victim

If you look through the photogallery you can see that mercy is not an option for Gesa and Eric's character. Bad luck for me... ;)

I am Fokke, and besides of acting in movies I also love to direct movies, and I did last year.It's a bit smaller then Croak, but has the same subject: Mafia. "The Family", title of my movie, is ment to be a comedy, and I hope it suceeds (the film's release is planned for end July). I did acting on stage for nearly twelve years, but I've had enough about that. Film acting/directing is what I want, and Croak was a perfect experience. It's been a lot of fun on the set, and too bad it only took a few days...

I'm looking forward to do something simular with the same cast/crew again! It's been so much fun!

Charlotte Storm van's Gravensande Member of gang (female)

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Martin Limberg Member of gang (male)

I was working in Wuppertal at the theater before I preferred the film acting. I have played a part in small roles in various comedy shows and I am playing a soccer-player in the movie "Das Wunder von Bern". At the moment I am, with this film team, on great Germany tour on which I play a part in benefit games and other events. In this production I was a little afflicted that I was not always allowed to be friendly disposed to my adorable partner Gesa Dreckmann.

Christoph Tiemann Mafioso

I am working as an actor in Münster, Hamburg, Cologne and Ruhr area. My performances reach from Shakespeare's Iago, Macbeth and Puck to the schizophrenic poet Jacob van Hoddis. I am playing in interactive crime- movies and I am working as a training- criminal for the police in NRW. Together with my partner, Lisa Feller, I am writing and speaking on behalf of WDR comedys, moreover I am working as a spokesman for radio play for the "Eins Live Decoder". At the microphone, I am enjoying the possibility to mark another spectrum of roles than on stage or in movies. In Münster I recently finished the slapstick- filmlet "Date". More information:

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